Alpine Bloom

Quiet Designs for Outgoing Women


Quiet Design | Outgoing Women

Founder, Gabrielle Lopez, wants to bring new light to a topic and lifestyle that has, for too long, been cast in a negative shadow. Let's educate each other on the health and wellness benefits that THC and CBD offer in a non-intimidating environment. The more comfortable we are with the conversation, the more lives we can impact in a positive way.

The Idea

The idea is simple, provide quiet design to women who love cannabis but not the stigma that often comes with it. After working at FORIA for a year as the Event and Customer Service Director, Gabrielle quickly realized that there's little to no apparel for women in the weed industry. She saw an opportunity to create fun and subtle designs that are cannabis related but not cannabis or brand heavy. Therefor, women who love the plant but not the stereotype have something to wear to work, the gym, bar or while running errands. While attending events, managing social media, customer service and marketing at FORIA, Gabby saw a huge potential for a brand that stood for adventure, style and education. Alpine Bloom is the starting ground for us to talk more about how cannabis has made a positive impact on our lives. We don't need to hide in the negative shadow that is cast on marijuana users. It's time the public knows that their friends, neighbors and co-workers use cannabis for health reasons...not just to get high. Moving forward, Gabby made the decision to leave FORIA and start Alpine Bloom in the summer of 2017. 


The Purpose

Give women (and men) more choices when it comes to cannabis apparel. Say goodbye to the stereotypical Bob Marley or Rasta shirts. We Love Mr. Marley just as much as the rest, however, this type of design is not going to be found here. Therefor, prepare to see new, modern and fun designs that inspire conversation. 

Our Mission 

Provide quality design and materials to women who work, run and are overall bad asses in the cannabis world. Our shirts are screen printed right here in Boulder, CO and our accessories are handmade by local artists. If you have any questions or would like to have your store carry our product, please contact us for wholesale prices here

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